Sunday, June 8, 2008

La Cruz Roja

My summer internship is going to be amazing! I am working in the Red Cross Hospital right around the corner from the college. Can you believe that on the first day they asked me if I wanted to ride along and assist in the ambulances!?! I had to explain that I didn´t want to hurt anyone, so I´d rather just observe initially. This photo is of me on my first day. There are two other girls from the program, Stephanie and Caitlin, who are also working there. Caitlin and I will be working the same shifts.


Kristin Brown said...

Of course they want you in the ambulance. If my life was at stake I would want you holding my hand, if not at least leaning over me in my weakened state.

Nice work Nurse Stockman.

Gigi said...

cool jumper: fashionable and functional.

Anonymous said...

Perfect!!! jenn

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