Monday, July 13, 2009

25 Weeks Old Already

I just can't wait to meet Baby Grace! It's amazing how much I already love her. We weren't set on having a boy or girl--it was just an awesome experience getting to see our little baby via ultrasound. Of course, now that I know, I can't help drooling over all the adorable skirts, dresses and shoes they make for little girls.

"I've got to start saving for a wedding"-first words from the Hubster (said very seriously) as we left the doctors office. That made me laugh really hard!

Getting an early start at picking her nose!


Joe said...

One they start with the nose, they never stop.

We can't wait to meet Baby Grace too.

Oh, BJ, so serious. He's going to be a great dad. I wonder if she will get his laugh face?

(This is from Gigi, but I don't feel like signing out of Joe's account.)

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