Monday, November 2, 2009

1 Week Old...Fastest Week of Our Lives!

First weight after the jaundice episode...weighed 6.12 on Thursday...7.4 on Tuesday, so glad she's gaining weight!

Going to visit her new little friend Allie who was born on 10/30

Ready to trick or treat next door at Grammie's

Saying bye to Dad as he heads back to work


Kathleen said...

Kate and B.J she is just so beautiful I am so happy for you. I wish I could see her in person and pick her up and cuddle her. I am so glad that the jaundice is gone. It seems so many baby's get it. I was Blessed that mine never did. Grace is so Blessed to have the two of you for parents. Love to all of you and keep the pictures coming. Love Aunt Kathleen

Dallass said...

She's so cute!! I'm tearing up at the thought of BJ going back to work. She will miss his cuddles while you nap. :) You look so good mama! Can't wait for the colds to subside so the kids can meet her too. Love you!

Suz said...

I would imagine that it was pretty hard for Dad to go to work. She is really a cutie and I would imagine she already has Dad wrapped around her little finger.
It is so great that you are keeping a record like this. It will mean a lot to her and both of you someday.
Let us know when you feel rested enough to have us come by and take a peek. Love, Aunt Suzanne.

Gigi said...

Ahhh! I want to hold her now! Okay, calm down Gigi. Seriously, she is so cute. The picture of her sleeping with a little smile, so precious. I'll stop freaking out, but I am getting a camera for my computer this weekend or so help me.

Lindsey (Johnson) Gent said...

hey Kate- just saw your blogspot address on FB and had to see pics of your sweet wee one. She is so precious (makes me want another!); isn't being a mom more wonderful than you could've imagined? When God said children are a blessing, He meant it! Blessings on your new little family...Lindsey (Johnson) Gent

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