Monday, January 4, 2010

I cannot get enough of this little girl!

So, having a new baby has been great and, uh...hard. Sometimes I still can't believe there's now this new little person we get to love on. It's just amazing. And I don't mean hard as in diaper changes and feedings. I mean hard as in I just can't be selfish. No longer can I just run errands with no other thought than what I NEED to get done, or spend a Saturday doing what I WANT to do. I am constantly thinking about Grace...and the change is as wonderful as it is difficult at times. I can only say that all of us at the Stockman's are growing in many different ways. It's good. We are so blessed with Grace!

4 weeks

First time out in the jogging stroller at 5 weeks

Such a sweet face at 6 weeks

Lounging in the new swing she got from Grammie for Christmas (early present) at 7 weeks

BJ couldn't figure out how to get this onesie over her head...
those shoulder snaps get in the way sometimes!

After bath time

Hanging out with Dad at 8 weeks


Rachel said...

Ok, you are killing me with the onesie! cute pics!

Gigi said...

I LOVE seeing these pictures. Oh, I miss you guys so much. Grace is breaking my heart (in a good way) with those faces. Congratulations again and again. I'm glad you're all growing over there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I can be Aunt Dona this way by seeing your pictures. She is beautiful and you are a great mom.

Who would've know when you were 5 and driving us crazy??? It is such a joy
and so refreshing.

Keep up the good work. This makes for a very healthy baby, bonding and bonding!!!

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