Monday, March 1, 2010


I've done it before. I gave up soda when I was in my late teens for 4 years. After a while, I didn't even want to drink it anymore.

Then after a long backpacking trip, a group of us stopped for lunch at a pizza parlor on the way home. I ordered a Sprite and haven't stopped drinking since.

My favorite is Cherry Coke from Bob's with extra ice. Always extra ice. Soda with crushed ice just tastes so much better to me.

But, I feel that in a number of ways I've been sabotaging my own attempts to lose the weight I gained during my pregnancy. I felt like I took pretty good care of myself during those 9 months. I exercised a lot and watched what I ate. But afterwards, now that's a different story. I don't recommend giving birth just before the holidays hit!

There are three things I love to drink/eat:

1. Soda. Even though I know it's terrible for me and my teeth. I still love it.

2. White Mochas. Sure I usually get a 12oz, non-fat, no whip, decaf one...but still. I mean, c'mon, who are we kidding?!

3. Chocolate. I could eat it all day long, in almost any form. Except with coconut, something about the texture just bothers me.

So, with that said, I'm giving up one thing off the list. And this has nothing to do with Lent. I'm not Catholic, although my background is (one year, as a child, I gave up playing with my barbies for Lent!), but that's a whole other story.

This month, I'm just going to focus on ditching the soda and practicing some self-control. I know at least my teeth will thank me!


BJ Stockman said...

Way to go babe!

Gigi said...

Nice Kate. I hear you. Soda is my beer, really. After a hard day, I think I wish I could just crack open a soda. Self-medication never tasted so good. Okay, I think I'll try to do this with you, starting now (since yesterday I had a Blue Sky Dr. Becker). Love you!

Hulst mommy said...

Awesome! In high school I did a year without soda. It was so hard at first, but after awhile I didn't care. Then like you, I randomly had a soda with a meal once and that was it. Pepsi is my downfall.

Mmmm Pepsi.

Coffee...I have yet to let that go. It doesn't help that I order the worst too, a white mocha.

Maybe I'll give up both...soon :)

Can't wait to hear how it goes.

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