Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Stroller Brigade

The weather was beautiful Saturday, more like summer. We packed up Grace and headed down to the other Stockman's house in the morning for a large breakfast and a trip over to Scotia school. They've got a nice playground that my nieces enjoy playing on. It was just so warm. If only days like this were the norm and fog was the exception around here! We met up with some other friends along the way and ended the afternoon with a treat from Hoby's.

Jenn & little Arabelle. My youngest niece is so adorable!

James & Hugh--remember eating push-pops? I loved those as a kid.

Grammie & my oldest niece, Kylie

Sweet Ava, my second oldest niece. She's such a little ham!


Dallass said...

What? No pictures of Lake Pee-Pee?? I had so much fun hanging out with everyone! Looking forward to more sun so we can do it again.

Gigi said...

Way to be ready with your camera Kate. I love the stroller picture. And, yes, I remember those push pops. I could go for one right now actually. Grace looks ready for Spring in that cute dress. I miss you guys!

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