Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blog Happenings...

So I've been slowly learning how to change the look of my blog. Mostly by trial and error and some very helpful tutorials. I love doing this! I love learning how to change html codes--which I would've never ever have imagined would be something I would enjoy learning. Surprise, surprise!

I'm also having a blast exploring Picnik. You should check it out. Hands down it's the easiest, most user friendly photo editing software I've ever found. And because it's online, you can upload a ton of photos and then work on them from anywhere! That's a huge advantage. Granted, it has it's limits, but if you blog or if taking pictures is your thing, then I don't think you'll be disappointed.

In all of this learning and trying out new stuff on the blog, I realized some comments got deleted. Oops! I think mainly from the anniversary post I wrote. So if noticed your comment is no longer there, it's not because I didn't like it--I love hearing from you!

Bear with me as I keep trying out some new things and changing it up around here!


Gigi said...

I noticed you're really getting things movin' over here. Where do you do your blog editing stuff- just with blogspot?

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