Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My Baby turns ONE today!  

Wow. So one year ago, Beej and I arrived at the hospital. I was in horrible back labor, but, hours later--and really, it seemed to go by pretty quickly--I got to see and hold Grace for the first time. I felt elated and super energized. I think my body was coasting on all the adrenaline because I should have been exhausted, but I felt great. 

Beej was amazingly encouraging through it all. My mom came into the room and instantly started sobbing as soon as she saw Grace. It was hilarious and so like my mom. Dan and Liv arrived and took tons of pics with Grace, and I really do mean tons. Some with them holding her alone, then together, then holding her with their backs against each other--so many poses. Obviously, they were excited too. I have more photos of them with her that first day than of me holding her! Then Beej's folks arrived and Grace got to hear Papi sing to her and get loved on by her Grammie. 

First night of parenting was rough. By the evening, I was really tired (next time, no matter how great I feel, I know I need to take a nap!). We changed seven poopy diapers that first night and didn't sleep very much. And so began the first year of being a mom, the first year of little sleep and lots of love, the first year of being in awe that I have a daughter who is such an amazing blessing in my life. Happy Birthday Baby Grace!


mickey said...

OMGosh, she looks like Beej...but she is the female version...i can hardly wait to hold her and see if she remembers her grammie...i didn't realize i was so far behind in your blogs...looking forward to seeing you all and your home...i'm excited!

Hulst mommy said...

Yes! The bow makes the baby mullet a keeper!!! :)

Hope you have a fantastic birthday little Grace <3

Gigi said...

Happy Birthday Grace! We can't wait to see you in person! The mohawk is what really makes the mullet look cuter.

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