Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Package

Don't you love getting mail? Real mail, like from a good friend? 
A handmade card? Or how about a package just for you? 
Even better, a package filled with foreign goods. 

One of my dear friends is amazing at this. She constantly sends me stuff, and I am thrilled each and every time. I have received an innumerable amount of cards, notes, on top of countless gifts, over the years from her, and I've saved almost every one. They fill several shoe boxes and although I'm not sure what I'll do with them eventually, they are a sweet reminder of how old our friendship is and how much it means to both of us. Really, it's a history of where she's been and how much she loves me.

This time, most of the goodies came from Spain. She traveled there recently and, get this, asked me if there was anything I really wanted, before she left. How thoughtful! I asked her to keep her eyes peeled for any type of unusual nativity scene. I have one made from black stone that I got in Oaxaca. I like putting one out in December that isn't the usual beautified, overly done type of nativity scene. So anyway, she found me one which she tucked in amongst a pair of real pearl earrings, candies, a notebook, a sweet birthday card! She's so wonderfully creative in her choices and opening everything is a gift in itself because she always wraps everything up exquisitely. I absolutely love, love, love seeing a card or package with her handwriting on it in our mailbox. It always makes my day. 

So, here's to you Brown. You are the friend I can't do without! I love you so much and am so thankful for you!


Kristin Brown said...

This is the sweetest post -- I love you best friend!

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