Monday, June 20, 2011

The Nursery: An Update

Remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when I shared with you about Grace's nursery...

My original goal:
So, my goal has been to finish the room for her before her first birthday. To make it a place where I really like to be, and I hope she will too as she grows. 

Well, I did not have her room done by her first birthday, but I've kept working on it and definitely feel I met my second goal--creating a space I love to hang out with her in. She told me she loves it too! Not really on that last part, but what little girl wouldn't love any room her momma had worked so hard to make cozy for her?!

It has been such a pleasure to creatively transform her little space. And I've been wanting to share the details for awhile now, but just haven't made the time to take photos and post the projects I did along the way.

Only, now there's a little boy in the picture. The Mister will be arriving around October 10th. Now Grace, she was punctual, born right on her due date. We'll just have to wait and see with our next little one. You know how babies are--they have their own sense of timing. Even though I have 16 more weeks to go in my pregnancy, I'm already thinking about all the fun ways I can change up her room to make it work for her and her little brother, since eventually, they'll be sharing.

But, before I make any changes to accommodate another man in the house, I'd like to share all the details of Grace's girly room with you this week.


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