Sunday, March 25, 2012

Latest & Greatest

Grace is singing her little heart out here. I got to be in her band as long as I strummed the pink bat and didn't try to steal her mic. This week she told me her favorite color is pink. She also likes to ask for "one more" to just about everything, especially singing "Old MacDonald had a horse..." at bedtime. 

Adon is now rolling over both ways all by himself! He’s been rolling over front to back for a long time and oh so close to making it back to front for weeks. He finally did it! Go Adon!! He can also pop his binky in and out of his mouth pretty regularly by himself. Unfortunately, he's waking up almost hourly at night. We are seriously hoping and working toward more sleep--for everyone! 

Other memorable moments from this week:

We got to visit with some very dear friends from out of town, and I only wish we could have spent more time with them!

Beej took me out Friday afternoon to see The Hunger Games movie. I thought they did a good job of keeping the story straight and the violence not too graphic. I loved the book series and kept wondering how the movie would come off. Have you seen it? What'd you think?

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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