Saturday, April 28, 2012

Latest & Greatest

Adon is starting to play, really play with toys. He's begun exploring everything! And I already mentioned our trip to the park and Adon's first time on the swings. We tried to move him to the 6 months+ pacifier and he totally didn't go for it. Different shape and size was not a winner. We'll have to keep looking for something that works. And he just got a sippy cup a few days ago with a built in straw. He's been loving drinking from a cup and grabs at any of them within reach when we're holding him near the table. I'm curious to see if he'll go for the straw and transition away from a bottle as easily as Grace did. 

Grace is putting on her sassy pants. Seriously, the last week, we've seen a whole new side of her personality. One where we have to try not to laugh as we discipline her and let her know intense fake crying, "nope, nope, nope" when asked to do something, and a general sassy attitude isn't going to work for any of us. Have you been there? With each new trick she pauses to see how we're responding. Obviously, testing the limits makes for a lot of amusing stories we'll have to share with her when she's older!

Other memorable moments:

We've had some really good times of fellowship with friends these last few weeks. I'm just so thankful for the many people we have and love in our lives.

I just received a super cute pair of TOMS as a late birthday gift and can't stop wearing them. So glad the company makes flats now. 

I took a class about blogging through AltSummit. It was great and if you're interested in learning more, do it! The classes are only $15 each right now--that's a steal. 

We are on the hunt for a larger vehicle. Any words of advice? Something used, with low miles, good mileage, and a decent price tag. C'mon, we're not asking for much! I think I may have won Beej over to the idea of a mini-van. So, it's not my dream car, but a couple friends have one, and I am sold on all the room, features, and price tag. We may try to look this weekend or next, so if you think of us, pray we find something that really works for our family. 

About two weeks ago I read "Kisses From Katie" by Katie J. Davis. She went on a short term mission trip to Uganda when she was in high school, then headed back for a year after graduation. Since then, she's adopted 14 girls, started a non-profit organization called AMAZIMA, and plans to live the rest of her life there loving and serving. I hope you take the time to read her story! 

I also just read Tim Kellar’s booklet “The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness” and highly recommend it. It’s incredibly short, but packed full of truth. 

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!


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