Monday, July 7, 2008

Oaxaca con mi esposo

Taking a break from the sights to decide where to go next.

Back at Santo Domingo.

Book heaven for you-know-who.

A trip to one of the many museums sponsored by Rufino Tamayo.

Santa Marta Buffet in Etla con mi familia--that's Rico joven by me and Rosita (not feeling too well) by Beej. It was a deluxe buffet where we were able to try all original food from Oaxaca.

Back at Monte Alban.

Satisfying my craving for pizza--I've only eaten it twice this summer!

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary overlooking the Zocolo.

Poor Beej--not feeling so great one afternoon.


Gigi said...

It's just good to see your face. I love you!

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