Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday Night Out, What a Treat in Oaxaca!

Every Friday night without fail, as I've traipsed about the city, there has been a never ending feast for the senses: lots of traffic, which makes crossing the street mean you risk your life many times many smells, but most often that muggy smell of fresh rain...taxis, oh so many taxis with their horns blaring...and colors, tons of brilliant colors blasting from clubs out onto the streets...masses of people milling about talking and joking...little orchestras giving concerts in the streets as people watch and dance...getting jostled a bit as you navigate your way...and all of this going on for we took it all in together as we enjoyed our first date night in Oaxaca!

We played Carcassone and drank coffees in a little cafe overlooking la iglesia de Santo Domingo.

Later we went out for seriously-amazing-deliciously filling-is your mouth watering yet-food! I highly recommend you try Los Danzantes the next time you're in Oaxaca and looking for a modern twist on both food and atmosphere.

Beej also was officially initiated into the culture with his first taste of mezcal--made from a cactus called agave--this hard alcohol is SUPER strong and not for the hesitant (or light weight like me)!


Gigi said...

Kate, it was bound to happen, your skin is a bit bronzy. Your hair is long and lovely and you just look beautiful. I'm so glad you guys had such a good time together!

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