Saturday, July 26, 2008

Girls Day Out in Oaxaca

These are some of the crazy girls I've gotten to know over the summer. We decided to take a day trip a little ways outside of Oaxaca. We walked around a bit in the woods...

and found a make-shift zip line. Random!?! I thought so too.

Had our driver take us to Guelatao, the birthplace of Benito Juarez--the greatest icon in Mexico after the Virgin Guadalupe. There are statues of Benito Juarez all over Oaxaca, an indigenous president who fought off the French when they invaded Mexico in the 1800's. So, of course, I couldn't turn down a photo-op of me and Beni.

We ate at El Monte, a nice and quaint little restaurant, and I couldn't help but think of mi amiga Dallass, who would've have loved all the animal skins that were covering the walls behind us.


Jenn Stockman said...

looks like fun!!

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