Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's been a while...

You know how it come back from ____________ and you can't believe how long it has taken you to ____________.

Well that's been my life since coming back from Oaxaca. The time has flown by, and I'm just hanging on, trying to settle into a routine.

I got back to Fortuna the second week of August and was super motivated to simplify. That meant getting rid of a lot of our stuff. I unpacked, sorted and priced and that first Saturday home, we had a yard sale. Praise God, we were able to get rid of everything without having to throw stuff away, and made way more moolah than either Beej or I had hoped for.

I then thought I'd be able to get our new apartment organized and myself all ready to start school all over again the following week. I am now entering my fourth week of school, and I'm just happy that our new place is semi-livable.

I showed up for class last week to realize that not only had I not completed the homework, but the thought to do so had never crossed my mind the weekend before--I guess I've been in denial that I'm back in school already! I've since gotten it "together" and made good on all other assignments.

I celebrated my 27th birthday yesterday with my dear and delightful husband who kicked off the weekend with breakfast, coffee and flowers followed by many gifts throughout the day and a hike through fern canyon. "I'm 27?...I can't believe I'm 27" is what kept running through my head all day--maybe I'm in denial about other things as well. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. I'm so blessed to have so many to love in my life.

Throughout all of this, I am once again reminded of how I can plan and make my little to-do list, but I am not God and never get to cross everything off the list when I want to. Stuff comes up. Life happens. I have to take time out to rest, to sleep, to celebrate. Life is way bigger than any to-do list anyway--thankfully!


Brandon & Kori said...

We would love to see you guys again. Hopefully I'd be able to hang around longer and chat! :)

We are definitely going to be home for the holidays with a newborn at the house. So let us know when you're around.

I can't wait to here more about your trip. It looks like you had such an awesome time.

Hope all is well with you guys!

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