Saturday, July 11, 2009

Psalm 40

I found these verses to be an encouragement this morning. With everything that has been going on, it is a joy to speak of how good the Lord has been through it all.

Blessed is the man who makes the LORD his trust... (v4)

You have multiplied, O LORD my God, your wonderous deeds and your thoughts toward us; none can compare with you! (v5)

I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart. (v8)

As for you, O LORD, you will not restrain your mercy from me; your steadfast love and your faithfulness will ever preserve me! (v11)

Be pleased, O LORD, to deliver me! O LORD, make haste to help me! (v13)

But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; may those who love your salvation say continually, "Great is the LORD!" (v16)


Julie said...

Hi Kate,

I, too, lost my Dad in September 2007. As I'm sure you know, it is a heartbreaking experience, and I have to say I could not imagine going through the grieving process without God. How amazing HE is and His comfort is real.

Certainly I know we don't know each other except from high school, but if you ever want to email and talk please let me know. That is the one thing I really yearned for and didn't have-someone to talk with who had been through it.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know you were weighing on my heart and I'm praying for you!

Julie (Galt) Eilertsen

Gigi said...

I love you Kate and look forward to reading updates and seeing pictures. (Don't forget the pictures of your new figure.) Honestly, I long for the day we can have a sit-down over a hot cup of coffee (or hot chocolate). You are an encouragement to me in keeping close to Jesus by reading the Word. Thank you.

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