Monday, April 5, 2010


When we were kids, we would all wake up Easter morning with anticipation. The search began as soon as we left our bedrooms. Where did mom hide our easter basket this year? She did a wonderful job of making it a special holiday.

This year I filled my old Easter basket with fun treats for Grace.

Had so much fun picking out Grace's Easter dress & shoes.

After I became a Christian, my love for Easter grew even more. I still enjoyed the annual basket filled to the brim with delicious treats (which my mom still does for us to this day--thanks Mom!), but I rejoiced to know that the tomb was empty. Christ died for my sin and rose triumphantly from the grave, victorious over death!

One of my favorite Easters was spent in an airport. It was a long time ago, and I don't remember where I was coming from or going. I just remember watching the sun rise as I sat alone in the terminal with my bible, reading again about all that Christ did to set me free and marveling at it. It was a sweet, sweet morning.

I hope you had a blessed Easter this year, got to spend a little time with someone you love, and realize just how much God loves His children. He was pleased to bruise his son so that we may have eternal life, for our joy and His glory.

He is a good and faithful God!


Gigi said...

The cuteness is getting ridiculous! I love her Easter dress, by the way.

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