Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One of those nights...

A few of you have already heard this, so bear with me. I always admire C.J. Mahaney's attitude about sharing embarrassing stories in order to keep ourselves humble. It's a good practice.

Me: “It’s 11:05! I can’t believe it’s 11:05! Can you turn off that light?! Geez, it’s shining right in my face. I went to bed over 30 minutes ago, and I’m exhausted. PLEASE turn off the light.”

BJ: says nothing, turns off the extremely small book light he was using.

Kiss, kiss, goodnight.


Me: “I’m sorry I was so upset about the light. Not the kindest way to say goodnight.”

BJ: “I forgive you, but you should know that the light was shining away from you and you woke yourself up snoring.”

Apparantly, I’d gone to sleep right after I climbed into bed, only to wake myself up 40 minutes later. Quite attractive, huh? The wife who wakes herself up snoring, only to blame her husband for it.

This is exactly why I memorized Proverbs 10:19 several weeks ago. “When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent”(ESV). If only I'd kept my mouth shut the night before! I'm still working on this and am just thankful that it is through Christ's strength that I am able to change.


Gigi said...

That's weird, I've never had moments like this.

Nice scripture pull.

Kate Stockman said...

I love you Geege! Your comment made me burst out laughing. ;)

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