Monday, April 12, 2010

Friday Night SPLURGE!

Cheezy picture we took before leaving on our date last Friday night.

Oh how I love this man...
even when he's annoying me and I ask him why and he says,
"because it's fun".

I hurt my neck a while ago. Well, almost two weeks ago now. I remember feeling like it was cramping up one night around 2am when I woke to check on Grace. When I woke up later that morning, it was horrible. So painful that I cried. I could barely turn my head to the left. BJ ended up staying home from work most of the day because I could barely lift the baby--it was that bad!

The crazy thing is that the day before, my father-in-law, Grant, had taken me out on a lunch date. At one point, he asked me if I'd ever had a leg cramp or anything like that. "No", I said, "Labor is about the only physical pain I've ever been in". But, now I know just how painful muscle cramps (or whatever this is/was) can be. It was like we spoke it into existence. Don't anyone ever talk about leg cramps around me again! I'm joking. I'm not superstitious. Ok. I'm kind of joking because I really don't want this to ever happen again.

Our date night rolled around this last week, and BJ decided to take me out to get a massage. We decided to go up to the Arcata School of Massage. Did you know you can get an hour long massage there for $40? For the two of us, this was a deal. Plus with the whole strange neck injury, it sounded like a great idea.

The only thing is that I've never had a massage. Ever.

I was nervous. I know, I know. Massages are supposed to relax you, help you unwind, relieve tension. I was hoping it would do all that. But, this was new to me, and I didn't know what the etiquette was. Are you supposed to shave your legs? Do you keep your eyes closed the whole time? Do you really have to be buck naked?

And then this dreaded thought crossed my mind...what happens if you *gasp* are so relaxed that you toot while on the table? Oh, just thinking of it made my face go red!

So, yes, I was a little nervous, but I was also looking forward to it.

We had a 5:30 appointment with Libby and Trina. Don't be fooled by the pics of the outside, which is not so glamorous. The inside is tranquil and inviting. Walking in, I noticed most people's shoes were by the door. A few other clients were lounging on the furniture, reading magazines in the their socks. The place had a very relaxed atmosphere--as it should.

Both Trina and Libby were friendly and professional. They ushered us into the "massage area", gave us a few instructions and then left us to it.

They'd allowed us to get a couples massage--so we were in the same area, side by side massage tables. We both began to peel off the clothing. Forgetting that others could hear me, I told BJ that Trina had told me to strip completely naked and climb under the sheet/blanket on the table.

"Totally naked?" Beej said. We looked at each other, shrugged, lost the undies and climbed under the covers.

What happened next was totally unexpected. The hour flew by! My first massage was SO relaxing. I could really get used to being pampered like that. And I'll definitely go back to the Arcata Massage School. They did a great job, and who can beat that price?!

End of story is that my neck is still not completely back to normal, but it is MUCH better. And I'm over my nervousness about getting a massage!


Lindsey G said...

This post totally cracked me up!! Thanks for the laugh--I love massages too!

Gigi said...

I'm glad you overcame the anxiousness and had a great time. I still dream about getting another massage after that one I had in Eureka. I think I'll look into massage schools now. I hope your neck gets completely better!

The Fredricksons: Brian, Britney, Salty, and Jerry said...

Several years back I splurged and got Brian and I massages for his birthday. While it was totally relaxing and a new experience, it was definitely odd to be naked in a room with two strangers and your husband. It does take a little getting used to, but if you go to a nice place, you are never exposed inappropriately. It's definitely a wonderful treat for couples and individuals alike.

Dallass said...

I love your honesty! I'm always afraid of falling asleep and murmuring or snoring in my sleep. :) Next time I think I'll go for the 2 hour massage. My muscles get so knotted up by the time an hour is up the therapist is only just starting to work out the kinks!!

Jenn Stockman said... are hiliraious!!!!!!!! Literally laughed out loud...bahhhhhaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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