Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pleasantly Surprised by Grace

Yesterday Grace napped.
Yes, she does this everyday, but not like yesterday.

Not in large chunks. Not so much that I am left wondering what I'm supposed to do, even though I have tons of housework to get done.

Never so much that I keep going in to check on her, over and over,because I am in such shock that she is sleeping so long.

It was wonderful. For both of us!


Dallass said...

Praise the Lord!! Yeah!! I LOVE those kind of naps!! (sometimes it'd be nice to know when they're coming though-you know?)

Gigi said...

Naps are a blessing.

Jenn Stockman said...

So great to hear!!! And I just LOVE this picture of Grace, she is seriously such a gorgeous little baby!!! Love her, love you!!!

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