Monday, May 3, 2010

2 Mile High

It's been a long time since I last participated in a competitive event, probably around seven years ago, so I'd forgotten just how fun racing can be. This last Saturday, me and a couple friends ran in a 2 mile race together. We all did great--seriously came in with times way under what we'd been training for. It's amazing what a little adrenaline can do.

The whole time I was running, I kept thinking about my dad. He came to so many of my local meets and games when I played sports in high school--I can't remember him ever missing one. He would've been proud of me. This is exactly the type of thing he would've loved to hear about me doing. It was bittersweet.

"Inspiring women, in all seasons of life to take an intentional step in fulfilling hopes, dreams and callings in life intellectually, artistically, physically and spiritually."

The race was one of six events that occurred as part of a community challenge to women called I.N.S.P.I.R.E. (which stands for Integrity, Nurture, Service, Passion, Intentionality, Risk, Endurance) which was sponsored by one of the local churches. The other challenges included writing, public speaking, music, art, and compassion (volunteer work). You could choose to participate in as many or few of the events as you liked, and there was a large celebration Saturday afternoon with awards, prizes, and a guest speaker. It was a lot of fun. I even won a cute charm as a door prize!


jeannine said...

It's funny that you wrote about this today. I climbed on a bike and did 10 miles yesterday for the first time in about 20 years. It was wonderful! I'm working toward a 100 mile ride in October and I am inspired!

Lindsey G said...

Sounds like fun! I know my mom had a great time :)

Kate Stockman said...

That's awesome Nini! Way to go!

Linds-BJ and I saw your mom too! Glad she had fun. :)

Gigi said...

Way to go Kate. I can't believe I'm actually jealous about this. It's weird seeing runners and thinking, I can't wait to do that. A draining pregnancy apparently changes one's perspective on exercise. Seriously, I'm happy for you and Rach and glad that it reminded you of your dad, though it's hard to feel that.

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