Friday, May 21, 2010

design * sponge

This is the newest website I want to share with you. I usually check this one out weekly. I think it appeals to me because there are so many fun BEFORE & AFTER'S. There's also a lot of art and design showcased on the site. Some I love. Some I hate. But it's usually always interesting. And there's a treasure trove of great information about running your own business which I cant' help but read--who knows if it will ever really come in handy!?

The initial creator of the site is Grace Bonney, an amazingly talented woman. You can read her bio here and meet all the others that now help make design*sponge what it is.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

We're off to Redding for an overnighter this weekend. First time taking Grace on any kind of an extended trip away from familiar territory...wish us luck!


Gigi said...

Have a great weekend!

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