Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mags Baby, Mags

Have you noticed how cheap magazine subscriptions are now?

Super cheap. As in National Geographic for $15/year.

I think this is mainly because so much information is now online.

Still, I can't lug my computer to the beach, or the gym, or. . . you fill in the rest. There's just something to be said for having the actual magazine in hand, lingering over pages, tearing out favorite decor ideas or recipes. A few weeks ago, Beej came home with a subscription to House Beautiful for me. It made my day. Then for Mother's Day, he got me a subscription to Taste of Home.

I think it would almost be embarrassing to share just how many magazines I get, so I'll just name some. Subscriptions are a popular item on my birthday and Christmas wish lists. Several of my other favorites are Cooking Light, Country Living, Real Simple, Martha Stewart (who doesn't love Martha?!)...are you seeing a pattern? I'm especially a sucker for decor magazines! All those beautiful pictures and transformations just reel me in. I also get Creating Keepsakes card making/scrapbooking magazine which is always great for crafting inspiration and ideas.

Do you have any favorite magazines out there? Maybe totally different than the ones I shared?What do you do with your old ones? Do you hoard them? Pass them on? Recycle?

There is one decor mag I found online that I do like! Have you heard of this one? Do you know of any other great online magazines? Share your favorites baby--let me hear it!


Rachel said...

You never said the name of the online one that you like...was that just a teaser? =)

Kate Stockman said...

Gotta love Blogger. All the mags websites are linked to their names--they just weren't showing up highlighted. I fixed it. Click on "one" and it'll take you to LONNY-check it out, it's a neat webzine (or whatever they call them)! :)

Michele said...

my fav is More...but the catch is it's supposed to be for women over u 20-30somethings have something to look forward to...mags r favs of the Hackney girls...kate, my mom was a hoarder & had my dad make her a storage room for all her mags & newspapers...she had shelves full of them... i just recently have been trashing mine...i just can't become a hoarder like my mom

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