Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family Photos

We hung a large frame on the wall the afternoon before Grace was born. It's been waiting all this time to showcase a picture of the three of us. We've tried to get one a few times. This is our latest attempt. Geez is it hard to get a picture where all three of us are looking at the camera, let alone looking happy! 
I thought Beej and I had it bad. I'm a blinker and Beej always feels awkward fake smiling--which usually translates into awkward looks for him and closed eyes for me. We always thought it was a miracle that so many of our wedding photos turned out looking decent! But now, toss Grace in the mix and getting a good photo is that much more difficult.

Do you have this hard of a time getting just one photo?! 
I'm still not completely satisfied, but thankfully we can just try again another day! 


Rachel said...

Well you guys look great anyway. I love the one of you looking at Grace. I can hear you asking her "what are you doing".

dovie said...

These are awesome. You should just display these in a series. You look great, though and I like your necklace.

Hulst mommy said...

I laughed so hard looking at all of these! YES we have a hard time, esp with 4 people now. That's why our last Christmas card was so uncreative and generic. Everyone was looking, somewhat smiling, and we appeared to be happy. Perfect!

I'm hoping to start a couple months early on this year's card and get a good one.

We still don't have a family photo up either!!!! :)

The Fredricksons: Brian, Britney, Salty, and Jerry said...

Don't feel bad, Kate. We had an empty frame on our wall for over 5 years! Our wedding guests signed it, but we never had a picture from the wedding I absolutely loved, so I decided to wait till our 5 year anniversary. The late photos turned out great, although, now I don't get the question "why is there an empty frame on your wall?" I kinda miss that convo starter.

I agree with the second comment, you should frame them all in succession. They tell a story. My other thought was to have a friend go with you guys to a park or beach or something, and just capture your lovely family unposed. Those tend to turn out very cute :)

Michele said...

grace's lip is the best

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