Thursday, May 27, 2010

"How Few There Are Who Die So Hard"

I would beg you to listen to this message given by John Piper back in 2003 at one of Bethlehem's Conferences for Pastors. You could read it, but it would take awhile, and to hear it will bring more of the story to life. Even if you are not a Piper fan, as I am, I still encourage you to hear this wonderfully told biography of the life and legacy of Adoniram Judson, a missionary to Burma in the early 1800's. 

I have listened to his story upwards of 10 times and each and every time, without fail, find my heart quickening and myself choking back tears. Today, as I ran at the gym was no different. I literally found myself catching my breath as I listened to the details of his life unfold--and I've heard it before. He lived a good life, and more importantly, he lived a life unto the Lord. He suffered greatly and still believed in God. Oh that I would have his courage and even more necessary, his sense of purpose. 

Lord willing, if we have a son, we plan to use Adoniram for his middle name. We kicked around the idea of using it as a first name but that's a lot for a little kid to try and say. We'll see. Only the Lord knows just what children He has planned for us. 

So take an hour and listen to Adoniram's story. It will not be time wasted.


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