Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How the Garden Grows

Our little square foot garden is growing, growing, growing!

I took this photo just after we planted everything on May 13th...

And this photo was taken this morning. It's so fun to see how big everything is getting. And all I have to do is watch and not water too much!

We recently added two more things to the garden:

 Mesclun Mix Lettuce. I'm hoping this will go well with the other type of lettuce I planted, something like Red Oak.

And the other addition was Sparky Mix Marigold Seeds. We heard these are great at keeping unwanted pests out of gardens. I planted them mainly around the edge of the box--not all of them. There were a whopping 315 seeds in that little package!

And look at that, they've already sprouted!

Which may be a good thing because something has seriously taken a bite out of my zucchini plant.

Any of you more experienced gardeners know what's doing this? Have any other ideas on how to keep pesky pests away from our little plot? Please, share away!


The Fredricksons: Brian, Britney, Salty, and Jerry said...

My hubby says mites ate your zucchini plant. He said you need to get some Azatrol or neem oil, both of which are organic. Those will kill the mites. He also said you could wash them off with No Tears baby soap, but that won't kill them, or prevent their return. I'd go with one of the first two options; spray ALL the plants in the box after the sun goes down, once every 3 days. Repeat 3 times, then continue to do it once a week. Pick off the dead leaves that have been eaten and be sure to spray the entire plant, including all the other ones in your box. Our garden plants have been fighting off mites as well, and he's been treating them with the above advice. They are making a great comeback, and it's nice to know they were treated with an organic spray.

NOTE: the Azatrol is 60 bucks a quart, but that one bottle will last you 4 summers. You just use a couple table spoons mixed with water to treat your plants. You might even talk to friends and see if someone wants to go in on it with you. Or, the neem oil is cheaper, but not quite as good; the hubs hasn't used that particular one. And, he just said this year is supposed to be a bad year for spider mites, such as on your zucchini plant. Whew! That was a lot of advice, none of which came from me personally. Good luck, and I'm totally jealous of your lettuce plants, we ran out of room to do lettuce :( I'll upload pics of our plants soon, so you can see how big our garden is already; be sure to check my blog soon for that. good luck!

The Fredricksons: Brian, Britney, Salty, and Jerry said...

So I was showing off your garden to Brian, and he commented on the soil the hardware store sold you. Apparently, Fox Farm is one of the most expensive soils. He said the quality is great, which is why the price is higher, and your veggies are gonna do well with the good soil. So, now ya just gotta get rid of those buggies!

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