Friday, May 28, 2010

White Flower Farmhouse

Today I want to share another wonderful website with you all:

White Flower Farmhouse

{Click the link above to go directly to their store online}

This is a wonderful little shop located in New York. If you like rustic or country-ish decor, then you'll probably fall in love with this find just like I have. Too bad we live so far away, there are so many drool worthy dressers, cabinets, sides tables, etc. that are available for local pickup only. If only...! But, don't cry too much, there are still plenty of cute pieces that the team over there are more than willing to ship your way.

I ordered this letter "G" for Grace's room a couple of months ago. It was reasonably priced, the shipping wasn't too bad, and it got here fast. I was completely satisfied with my experience with the store! There are a ton of other items on my wish list as well. There's been a few times where I waited too long to contact them and the item was gone. I hate that! It's no surprise that things go fast over there.

Don't forget to check out the "blogs and news" section. I think you'll find a lot of inspiration there!


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