Wednesday, June 16, 2010

That warm weather I've been hoping for has finally arrived. I love summer! It's one of my favorite seasons, for many reasons. I love to swim almost as much as I love to read--which is saying a lot. I feel so much more motivated when I wake up to sun rather than fog. It feels good to actually feel some heat. I love being outside so much more when it's not raining. We always go out of town a lot over the summer--and I love road trips and visiting other places. That's really only a few of the reasons this weather change has put a smile on my face. 

Last Saturday, we met some friends down by the river. Grace and I camped out under a large umbrella and watched her cousins splash, roll and lounge in the water. It was great to gab a bit with friends and enjoy the outdoors. Now all I need to do is find a swim suit for this season. Nothing like waiting 'till the last minute!


Jenn Stockman said...

she's such a beautiful baby, love her sweet little face

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