Sunday, July 11, 2010

Out of Town & Unplugged's been really quiet around here lately. The first half of our vacation I didn't have very much time to blog. Then the internet died at my in-laws house for the second half. What can you do!?

We really enjoyed the pool, the time spent with family, the fact that Grace was such an amazing traveler, the hot weather (it's hard to come home and have to put on pants!), and all the adventures one has on vacation.

I'll try to catch you up this week!

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We had the best time w/u 3...sunday i cried as each time i went into a room i saw something that reminded me of grace's diaper in bedroom, the place where bj would leave his keys, the leftover food & the clothes/shoes that u & I bought @ old navy, jc crew, ross's, & that jean place on the mall...grant took me to the knight & day movie, which helped get my mind off u leaving...we liked it made grant laugh...ur blog is very special...we loved having u...thank u for being w/us & giving us awesome memories

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