Tuesday, August 17, 2010


How was last week for you? Mine, well, it was stressful. And the more stress I felt, the less motivated I was to write and share here on the blog. August has just been a busy, chaotic and emotional month so far. I'm hoping this second half will be a little less so.

Recent happenings:

We have an opportunity to move to a bigger place. There are some things about it we've been considering and praying over, and we have to give our final decision by Wednesday (AHHH! That's tomorrow!). No pressure. We both just want to be sure that this new place is the right decision for us. I love change and am usually more excited about moving than Beej, but this time around, we are both feeling the same--desperate for more space! We've moved 3 times in the 5+ years we've been married, each move a downsize of both space and rent. Go figure--they usually go together. 
If we take the place, we'll be moving in the first part of September. Prayer would be appreciated!

My garden is still doing well. Tons of tomatoes just waiting for more sun--I cannot wait for them to ripen! Hurry up!!

My mom and I are almost done with the sewing portion of Liv's room makeover. We've planned on giving her the boot in two weeks and just madly putting the whole thing together over the last weekend of August. We're still searching for a few more pieces, so I'm hoping this weekend's yard sales do not disappoint. 

Grace is now officially in 9 month clothes. This means yet another sorting and purging of her closet. Bagging up all the 'too small' clothes always makes me a little sad. Don't laugh. I'm all for keeping her a baby forever! She's also getting her fourth tooth (top left), which once it comes in will make her look even less like a baby. It's so fun and going by way too fast all at the same time.

At 9 1/2 months, she is pulling herself up on everything. This has, of course, resulted in several major falls, a bruise on her face, and some tears. It's also really fun to watch  her figure it out and means I have to be even more careful about what I put on the coffee table. She did this for the first time last Wednesday evening. Grabbed the coffee table leg, inched her way up that and then stood typing away at my lap top for a long time. She seemed pretty pleased with herself. So cute!

At her nine month checkup on August 2nd she weighed in at 18 lbs. 4 oz., 27 inches long, with a head size much larger than average for her size. Go figure. I knew that one was coming! They told me, "Don't worry. It's just all those brains. She's smart." While I sure hope so, I also know that large heads seem to run on both sides of the family!

She is talking more and more. Now likes to say "mamamamamama" when she wakes up early, rustling around in her crib until I go in to get her. Does she know what she's saying? Probably not, but it melts my heart regardless.

She's still nursing, but has also started eating real food in the last couple months. 
It's fun and very messy! 

She also is expressing herself more when she wants something, is not happy that we took something away (like the spoon as she's flinging food about with it), or when she wants to be picked up. She likes to crawl up to Beej and just make a lot of loud noise at his feet--that's her signal (we think) "Pick me up Dad!". We gladly oblige. She's also started crawling into my lap and snuggling a lot more, which, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!


Rachel said...

I love the pic of her eating!!

Gigi said...

I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER... IN PERSON! What a blessing Grace is (it works on many levels, that name). I am thinking it's more and more likely we'll be able to visit this winter, but just keep praying.

Anonymous said...

Kate, you take the prize for writting about your life with your little family, We will pray that you have found the right place to live, What ever it is, it will be a home, you have a flare for making it so. Thanks so much for writting this blog. You are such a talent. I love the bag you made for your mom, it is beautiful, I would love to have just a tenth of your talent. I love reading about my handsome grandson, and all the things little Grace is doing. We are holding on down here in fesno. Pop had cateract surgery yesaterday, but all went well. Let us know about the house? If you can put a couple of pictures on E mail. so I can print them I would like that a lot!
With every blessing Love gogo grandma

Michele said...

now it's payback for all the loud noise beej still makes when he wants attention...LOL

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