Friday, August 6, 2010

This was only our second year camping out in Petrolia for a whole week, and let me tell you, camping for that long is a ton of fun, but it's also exhausting! All the packing, food prep, setting up, cooking, keeping your daughter from inhaling every rock on the riverbank--it all just takes so much work. Near the end of the week we all joked that it would be just as costly and so much less work if we all just agreed to go on a cruise next year instead!

Jokes aside, it was a wonderful time where we got to eat, eat, eat, laugh with old friends, play tons of games, and enjoy the outdoors. I think all the kids loved it, which makes all the effort worth it. They just have so much fun playing all day long outside together. I look forward to next year when we won't have to corral Grace in the "baby zoo" because she'll be walking and (hopefully) over the "let me put everything in my mouth" stage.
My nieces had a blast--what a joy they are!

I came home two days early to spend time with one of my dearest friends who was in town for a short time. I drove back from camping, dropped all the dirty laundry and bags on the floor, ate dinner with my sister, fed and put the baby to bed and then crashed out. I felt like I had hit the wall. All those late nights, early mornings in a row did me in!

I think there were around 60 of us coming and going throughout the week. 

In years past, we would just go out and join everyone for a few days. Usually three days max, mostly over the weekend. Having a whole week is better. It gives us enough time to enjoy all the hard work of setting everything up and really getting to spend quality time with people, but any longer would just be too long for me. I'm usually ready to come home, sleep in my own bed, not freeze in the night/early morning by then.

This years camp art was mosaic tiles again--always a favorite--thanks Lorna!

We all celebrated with Frank & Jolon - - 35 years of marriage!!!

Grace did really well out there. I was worried she'd be way too cold at night, but four layers did the trick. She slept better out camping (up until our last night there) than she did at home the week before we left. That was a huge answer to prayer because I was a bit nervous that she might be the baby who woke everyone else up in the middle of the night. It was definitely a challenge keeping her contained and entertained since we couldn't let her crawl all over the place.

All in all it was a good week. Looking forward to next year!


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