Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Purse

This is a re-post of sorts. Let me explain...

Have any of you heard of 
the CSI project
It's a really great idea. Creative contests with some amazing prizes. Tons of inspiration. Plus, having a weekly goal forces you to focus on a single craft--and actually finish it! 

That's the tough part for me. I always feel like I have a BAZILLION ideas running through my head. It's overwhelming at times. I finally started a craft notebook just to write them down, basically dump them out of my brain so I can stop thinking about them, worrying that I'll forget that idea...etc. 

So, now I just have to find time to work on some of them. I did read this thing the other day about taking whatever time you have, being ok with that, and just doing what you can. I know. So simple, right! But if you're anything like me (Are you? I'm counting on at least one of you!), then you feel like you can't really start on something unless you have plenty of time to work on it, finish it. I'm trying to toss that idea out and just go with whatever time I have. The baby took a shorter nap than I thought she would, oh well, at least I got something done. I only had 15 minutes to craft, ok, at least I had that. The point is just to do something, anything.

See, I do this with reading. Sometimes I just get to read little snippets throughout the day--but I still make sure I read every day. This is because I absolutely LOVE to read. I realized this yesterday and then thought, "I guess if I really love doing creative and crafty projects I need to take the same approach". I mean, deep down, I know that there will be an endless list of excuses for why I didn't get such and such done--unless I just get. it. done. You know, actually make time for it.

Whew, are you still with me? So the reason this is a re-post is because I decided to enter the sewing contest the CSI project is hosting this week. I am a novice sewer (is that even how you say it?). Recently, my mom and I have been secretly sewing stuff for my little sister's surprise room makeover. I really can't wait to put it all together and see how she reacts. I will share more with you about that later! But, this project is a purse I gifted her for her 22nd birthday. Thankfully, she loved it! Homemade gifts, well, you never know exactly how someone will respond. My sister was extremely pleased, and my mom was so proud, you'd think I cured cancer or something. Seriously, she was that excited that I'd sewn this beauty for Liv. I'll admit, I was a little proud myself because I didn't use a pattern. Initially, when I first finished it, I was just so shocked that I could actually make something...out of nothing! I think that's one reason I love learning how to sew. From a pile of fabric you can make almost ANYTHING! It's so fun. 

So, here it is, for a second go round! Check out the site. Enter a contest. Make it a personal challenge and share how it goes. Whatever you do, make time in your life to do the things you really want to, big or small!


Hulst mommy said...

Kate, it's adorable!!!! You should be proud of yourself!!!

I can't wait to see the room makeover.

Gigi said...

That purse is awesome. You should see what I come up with when I actually try to follow a pattern, let alone wing it! I love the fabrics too. Well done friend. You know when my birthday is (hint, hint), no pressure.

I do like reading throughout the day (just finished The Time Traveler's Wife- we'll talk), but that's about all I can do that's mine during the day. Otherwise, it's cleaning, folding, feeding baby, feeding kids, cleaning kids, playing with kids, diapers, holding baby, eating. Yeah, that about sums it up, but this time doesn't last forever and soon I will be knitting hats that don't fit anyone once again.

Line said...

Lovely purse and interesting post: it's good to know "we're not alone"!
Will you consider sharing a tutorial for this bag?
Have a lovely day!

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