Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grace's 2nd Birthday Party

Grace turned two on October 26th, but we waited to throw her a party for a few weeks until my brother and sister-in-law could make it up here from Sacramento. Here she is, deer in headlights look, as we sang Happy Birthday to her. We'd been talking about her party for awhile, but she still seemed pretty surprised by the whole thing. Once I asked her "what would you like" and she said "a bike". Well, we'll have to keep working on that one, but she did get a ton of gifts and enjoyed all the extra attention.

This was, of course, the only picture of her and I that didn't turn out really blurry. What can I say? She's two!


Missy said...

Wow! Such a cute gift for Grace! Happy birthday grace! Also, what are those amazing curtains behind her in that picture? I love it!

Gigi said...

Cute nose-pick and cute matching hair-do and cute sprinkle cake. Also, that first picture reminds me I'm going to steal those curtains in your kitchen next time I visit. Love you friend! I can't believe how much older Grace looks. Happy 2nd birthday, Grace!

Kate Stockman said...

Thanks Miss. The curtains are some burlap sacks I bought at the Fortuna City Wide Yard Sale.

Kate Stockman said...


She looks so much older to me too! And I didn't even realize the matching hair-dos until I saw the photo! Me and Grace like to rock a good barrette! :)I wish you could've been here to celebrate with us!!!

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