Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grace's 2nd Birthday Party Pages

Here are two pages I created to capture Grace's 2nd Birthday. A couple of the new products I purchased and used were the pennant banner stamp, which I love, and Amy Tangerine "A slice of the good life" cardstock shape. The little "Happy Birthday" Elephant card I have been saving since shortly after she was born. I picked it up at a local second hand store's card boutique area and knew I wanted to include it somehow.  See, I've been thinking about this album for a long time! I have five, count 'em, FIVE pages done already and it feels great to finally be putting it all together. 

I still want to hear your own ideas about how you capture family memories!


Gigi said...

Good job, Kate. They look great. I've been sporadically and very occasionally writing in a journal to each of my boys and slapping a few pictures in them. It's not nearly as nice looking, but it's not too intimidating to pick-up and do quickly (though, seriously, I've done it like 4 or five times ALL TOGETHER!). Anyway, what a gift for Grace. I look at these things as things I would've cherished from my parents.

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