Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's Missing Here?

Beej volunteered to do all the grocery shopping and run quite a few of our usual errands once Adon arrived. "At least through Christmas" is what he told me. What a great guy huh! I knew I had a few months where I didn't have to juggle two kids and bags of groceries!

I have been very thankful for this act of love from him! When it was just Grace and I, we'd make a morning out of it, running tons of errands on the same day. She loved her car seat and was pretty entertained as long as we were out and about. I wore her in the ergo while grocery shopping until she got big enough to sit in a cart.Yes, I was that mom, sweating as I bagged groceries while wearing Grace, but it worked for that season! I would just nurse her in the car and she'd konk out on the ride home, and usually stayed asleep once I whisked her inside the house. Even now, if she's in the car for a long time, she'll just fall asleep. 

Adon, so far, does not share his sister's love for car seats. This is unfortunate and something that I hope gets better as he gets older. I've heard friends tell stories of how their kids screamed the entire time, every time, they were in the car. We're nothing near that, thankfully! But it's just obvious he prefers to be out of it, held up, looking around more. So far, I've ran quite a few errands with just the two of them, but nothing like the marathon mornings I used to plan.

Anyway, this was one of the times Beej took Grace out with him to run errands. He made it all the way to Target before he realized he'd packed her in the car without any shoes! I don't think either of them cared. Usually she loves getting out with her Dad because of all the extra attention and treats she gets!


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