Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Little Word

Last year, one of my friends chose three words to focus on in 2011. Those three words summed up what all her resolutions were about. I have always been a big goal setter, and I loved the idea of narrowing all the resolutions and goals for a new year down to the very root at what you're getting at. Then, this year, I was inspired by Allie Edward's challenge to simplify even more and choose just one word. 

So, I've been thinking and praying about this for a while. What is one word that I want to describe this new year? When it's over, what do I want to look back and see the most of? What's one word that can sum up what most my resolutions and goals are hoping to bring about? 

I kicked around a few other words the last few weeks, but finally settled on JOY. I want to have more joy this year. In fact, I've been praying that 2012 will be the most joyful year I've had yet. 

The last few years have been filled with a lot of heartache over losing loved ones, a lot of blessing in the birth of our two children, a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of tears, a lot of date nights and long conversations, a lot of sweet memories made with family and yes, there's been joy. BUT, I just feel there could be so much more! 

Have you thought about what you want out of this year? What is your one word for 2012?


Gigi said...

Great idea. I've actually had my word bouncing around in my head for a while: Abide. I was at a class at church where the topic was priorities. Our pastor talked about discipline with your time. We have a lot of college students and a young guy asked him how much time he spent in the Word a day on average. My pastor said something to the effect that he knows it's been a good day when he has been abiding in Christ throughout the day. That stuck with me. Abide: to remain; continue; stay. That's how I want to be with the Lord every day; Abiding in Him.

Kate Stockman said...

Gigi - that is a great word! I love the explanation your pastor gave. I'm praying this word for you this year dear friend!

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