Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Guess who just got some Tiny TOMS today?

I don't check the mail everyday. Sometimes it's a good while before I get around to it. I'm sure our post office personnel love us. All too often, when I finally go to check our tiny p.o. box, the mail falls out the other end because it's stuffed so full.

But today there was a wonderful surprise waiting for Grace. The cutest pair of Purple Butterfly TOMS arrived for her. Thanks Auntie Brown!

I think I've mentioned it before, but Grace's feet are a bit on the, um, chubby side. All last year, she wore a pair of jellies. When those got way too tight, she graduated to a pair of blue crocs. Right now she has one pair of shoes that fit because they're more of a canvas mary-jane style that don't pinch the tops of her feet. So, yes, it's been tricky to find shoes that fit her well. I've ordered her another pair of jellies and crocs for this summer. I used to laugh at another friend's little boy because he could only wear water shoes until he was over two years old. His cute, chubby, "marshmallow" feet just wouldn't squish into anything else. Guess it's somebody else's turn to laugh about it now! 

Anyway, she loves them and they fit her! Double bonus! I've mentioned how much I love TOMS mission before. Jump on board and order yourself a pair today. You'll get to sport some cute shoes and know you're doing good for someone else out there. Double bonus for you!


Rachel said...

So adorable! Max keeps asking me for a pair. :)

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