Friday, September 24, 2010

TOMS Shoes

I had never heard of these up until about two weeks ago. Now, I really want a pair! Hmm...maybe I'll use my birthday money for these.
Check the site out : TOMS 
I saw them somewhere online and then noticed an article about TOMS in, of all places, the Costco Connection we recently started getting. Most of the magazine was just advertising and I was about to toss it into the recycling bin when I realized there was an article about the company. Now I'm even more of a fan of the business!

Blake, the owner and founder of TOMS, spent some time traveling in Argentina. He saw tons of kids running around without shoes and realized he could do something about it. So, he started TOMS, a for profit business whose main motivation is to help others. What I love is his "one to one" policy. You buy a pair of TOMS and the company gives a pair to an impoverished person in a foreign country. It's a win-win for everybody. So when you consider the cost of the shoe, keep in mind that you're really buying a pair for yourself and one to giveaway to someone else.

I love these kinds of ideas. Ways to make a living which also helps those in need. Really inspiring! 


Missy said...

Kate, I don't know what it is about Phoenix, but everyone has these shoes around here! I love them, and I absolutely love what the company is about. I have a ton of friends who have them, and they said they are so comfy...Hmmm.. maybe I need a pair too..By the way they have baby shoes too, and they are super cute!

Kate Stockman said...

That's awesome. Now that I know about them, I've spotted several people wearing them around here. I would love to get the pink glitter ones for Grace!

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