Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Flu 2012

We were super sick last week. Lot's of chicken noodle soup and juice pops. Beej came home midday Monday with a fever. He slept and slept through Wednesday when I finally came down with the same thing. Horrible headache, fever, just the sickest I've ever been before. And we've never both been that sick at the same time. So, it was Baba to the rescue. 

My mom was beyond helpful. Wednesday, she took the kids at noon and then brought Adon back every three hours to eat until it was the kids' bedtimes. I would feed him and then go right back to sleep. It was miserable, but would have been so much worse if my mom wasn't such an amazing giver! For four days she pitched in and took the kids off our hands for a while each day so that we could rest. I can't thank her enough, seriously!! And she never got sick--praise the Lord!

Grace and Adon ran fevers Thursday night but never got quite as sick as Beej and I. That was another answer to our prayers. We are over the worst of it. Just tired now and battling some lingering, intense coughs. Ugh...here's hoping that's the only flu we catch this year. I think we've met our quota!


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