Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anticipating Easter

Have you thought about Easter yet? It's only a few days away. I love Easter. I've been thinking about it for weeks already. It is probably just as exciting to me as Christmas, and much less stressful.  Hmmm...except for finding Grace's basket which is lost somewhere in storage. I'll have to get on that one quick!

I love making Grace’s Easter basket fun and special every year. And this year I get to do the same for Adon. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to watching them discover all that’s in them. I started collecting and making things for them weeks ago, but I after being derailed last week, I'm scrambling to finish and put it all together.

I love dying eggs and can’t wait to do that with Grace—it’ll be fun to see her try her hand at this for the first time. The fridge is chock full of hard boiled eggs that we're going to tackle tonight.

I love watching all the kids hunt for eggs. We did this with family and friends last year. The kids went crazy! It was a ton of fun, but the kids are still too sick to do a hunt this year. I wouldn't wish the flu and colds we have on anyone else, so we're sticking close to home.

And I love that we celebrate Easter to remember Christ died for us, and that he rose again, triumphant over death. We get to come together with friends and family and celebrate his overwhelming grace in our lives. I am really looking forward to Easter this year. 

What special Easter traditions do you have? Planning anything new this year?


Hulst mommy said...

Growing up in a home with no Christian values, Easter was all bunnies and eggs. So now I love that we get to focus on what Christ has done and incorporate the Easter story into fun activities and traditions.

We started resurrection eggs last year. This year I will try my hand at hot cross buns and we'll dye eggs on Good Friday. Of course an egg hunt, a small basket of goodies, and church :)

I can't wait to see your Easter pictures!! Hope all is well with you guys.

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