Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Phew! I made it.

It was definitely a challenge, especially earlier on in the month. I'd say day two was probably the worst. I really thought about drinking a coke and just not mentioning it...but I didn't! It's that whole integrity thing that stopped me.

I have had a soda since March ended, but you know what? It didn't even really taste that good.

The great thing about taking a small step is that it can motivate you to take another one. So, after cutting out all the soda in March, I found myself also drinking less coffee.

I'm going to keep at it too. No, not cutting soda and coffee out altogether, but just praying and plugging away at having self-control in both the big and small things in my life.


Meghan and Josh said...

Good for you Kate! :) You've inspired me to try giving up I have to figure out what that will be! ;)

Kate Stockman said...

Thanks Meg!

Jenn Stockman said...

Way to go Kate!!

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