Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Before & After: The Craft Desk

I LOVE Craigslist. Over the years, I have found numerous pieces on there for dirt cheap! Here's something I saw on there about, oh, two months ago now. At Beej's encouragement, I'd been looking for something that would work as a craft desk. He took me all around to check out new desks, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on something made of particle board that I knew wouldn't hold up well. Hands down, I would much rather buy something used that is solid wood but maybe needs a little tlc.

So, when I first spied this one on Craigslist, I thought, "How cute. Perfect. Love the look and the legs." And the price made my decision pretty easy. 

Some people really hate painted wood furniture...but not me! And I love white. So crisp and clean. Plus, Grace's crib and dresser are white and she shares her room with my overflowing supply of craft stuff, so I wanted it to match.

After some sanding, priming, painting, and a little distressing, I've got just a couple more details to take care of to finish it up. I kept the knobs, in part because new ones can be pricey, and I actually liked the original ones. I've since moved the piece into my craft area and after having it in there for about a month, I am so glad I got this desk. All the storage is perfect for what I need and the desk is wide without being too deep--which is great because, as I've mentioned before, this room is tiny and has to serve several purposes.

How about you? Prefer to buy new or spruce up used?

{I've linked this project to The Shabby Nest & Just a Girl--two other fun blogs showcasing lots of DIY posts where you'll get even more ideas and inspiration! Go check 'em out!}


Suz said...

Looks great. Mickey told me that you loved white furniture and crafts. I started a craft in AZ that she thought you night like. It is embroidering cards. I Danish women started doing it. I will have to show you sometime.

Levi said...

How did you manage the "distressed" look when you painted the legs? Or did it just happen? I tried doing something like this to an old door and it definitely had more of a "help! I've been attacked by a man with sandpaper" look afterwards.

Missy said...

Kate first off your pictures are great! I mean you get such great angles, and really take incredible pictures. Also the new blog look is so awesome! I wish I knew how to do that with mine! As far as furniture goes, I do not like buying new, and would prefer to go the used route, but I am nowhere near as creative as you so I have problems getting the same results...

The Fredricksons: Brian, Britney, Salty, and Jerry said...

used all the way. There are only 2 pieces of furniture in our house that we bought brand new: our mattress and the shelves that hold our wedding pictures. Everything else was either from other people (free) or we got for cheap. Mostly free though.

Kate Stockman said...

Thanks for the encouragement all!

Suz: I love making cards! I've never embroidered anything though. I can't wait to see yours!

Levi: Your comment made me laugh out loud as I read it. "help!" Did you use a fine grit sandpaper when distressing? I painted the legs with a brush b/c there were so many grooves. And it was not too pretty, a little gloppy, but I wasn't worried b/c I knew I wanted to go back and sand it down a bit. After the paint dried, I used 100 grit (the finest I had on hand)and just rubbed it lightly over each leg...then went back over places where I wanted more of the original wood to show through. Hope that helps!

trish said...

Great job.
Your desk looks fantastic.
:o) Trish

Gigi said...

Kate, I was about to comment on this however long ago you wrote it and then was interrupted, but have been thinking about it since. It looks awesome, but I would go with white for those board that pull out. I was inspired though and have thought about painting our OOOOOLLLLDDDD little bookshelves. Really, it couldn't hurt!

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