Thursday, September 23, 2010

A New Home

We moved and you know what that means.
Lot's of work. Little time to blog.

Do you have a favorite place you go to get moving boxes? We've found that in the four moves we've made in our 5+ years of marriage, McDonald's fries boxes are the best. They're free, sturdy, and not so big that by the time they're full you can't lift them! I lost count as to how many boxes of books we moved--but that is what a lot of the leg work went into!

We actually moved almost a week earlier than planned. Our landlords at our old place found a couple who wanted to move in on Friday--we found this out on the Tuesday beforehand and moved the very next day! Phew. It was a busy week.

So, we've been in the new place for two weeks now. Of course, the first few days we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Why is it that you always end up cleaning your old place really well and have to work just as hard in the new place? Obviously, some people just don't care about getting their deposit back--'cause this new place was very dirty! But, it is probably three times the size of our old duplex, so I think all the hard work has been worth it.

Grace has done really well through the whole transition. She seems to be loving having so much space to roam about and has been really happy exploring everything. During the move, she was super clingy--made it a little more challenging to get stuff done. Thankfully, she's gone back to her usual independent self this last week though.

I've started decorating (just a tiny bit) and have yet to set up the craft/office area--I can't wait to tackle that this weekend though! Wish me luck!

What's your favorite or least favorite part of moving? Any funny stories?


Hulst mommy said...

Did you read the story about our cat when we moved back to Hughson 2 1/2 years ago?

My poor cat was fearing for her life while the house was being emptied box by box. I knew she was hiding but couldn't find her anywhere.

When it came time to leave the old house she had literally vanished. I panicked thinking she was outside (declawed and in coyote land).

Brandon reassured me that we would go back and look after moving (it was 10 minutes away from the new house). So we moved, unpacked, and I couldn't stop thinking about her.

We went back, looked, and nothing. I was so sad.

That night after getting the kids to bed we were sitting in the front room, exhausted. All of a sudden we heard a faint noise.

It was Pepper, my cat, who had hidden herself in the love seat. She climbed up into in at the old house, rode over in it on the trailer (not in a moving truck) and hid all day in that thing! LOL

So she finally came out, scared beyond reason. And we still have her crazy, psychotic self today :)

Kate Stockman said...

That's a crazy story Kori. I am so glad that your cat turned up though!

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