Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Was THAT Kid...

When I was a kid, I would save my money all summer long to supplies! Yep. That's right. School supplies. I was that kid perusing Sprouse Ritz for several hours drooling over all the pencil boxes, hot pink sharpeners, and Lisa Frank tape. Seriously folks, I don't even know what to say. I asked my mom why she let me waste all my hard earned allowance on that stuff, but I guess there was no stopping me. If I remember right, I even roped my dear childhood friend, Audrey, into going with me and using all her money to buy school supplies as well. A natural leader I tell ya! 

Fast forward many years and I was still addicted. Only as an adult, you's called scrapbooking supplies, and it's an acceptable hobby. I was in paper heaven! I loved pretty paper, stamps, embelishments, you name it. Only I mostly bought and hoarded stuff. I would make cards occasionally for friends, and I even started a wedding album. Good intentions at best.

But this year, I am determined to put Grace's album together and start one for Adon. I have several little books that I've filled with memories of Grace over the last two years and Adon's first journal is already starting to fill up. You know, all those little details and sayings you just don't want to forget. I want to include as much as I can to go along with the photos in their books. 

Thank goodness God blessed me with a man who also loves office supplies. We can never have enough pens here in the Stockman household. He understands my love to create and wholeheartedly encourages me to use my birthday/Christmas/extra money to be artistic. So I splurged right after Christmas and ordered some things from Two Peas in a Bucket. I couldn't wait for the box to get here. I've already used several things just working on Grace's and Adon's albums. I've got a good start, and this is one of the projects that brings me joy, so I want to keep it up. I love the process. There's something fun for me in taking photos, editing, and then putting it all together in a creative way. It's one of those things that I enjoy simply because.

Anybody else out there love paper? How do you store your photos? Did you create any kind of albums for yourself or your children? 


Mrs. S's 1-on-1 Tutoring said...

I love u and look forward to perusing ur "Two Peas in a Basket" stuff. I take such delight in perusing ur "lil shop".

Hulst mommy said...

I love this! I was the kid who wanted kitchen things. I would die to go to tupperware or pampered chef parties with my mom :)

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