Friday, April 6, 2012

Build Your Own Peep House

I saw this cute idea on Apartment Therapy, so we tried making some peep houses of our own last night.

At the last minute, I realized I never purchased candy to decorate the "houses" with. So I used what I had on hand: razzles, jelly beans, gum eggs, and sixlets. We bought the graham crackers and mixed up our own batch of royal icing. It was fun! I helped Grace set her house up and then let her go for it. Beej made his own peep house, and even Gammie and Papi came over to get in on the fun. Two houses in, we had to cut Grace off from the candy. She's never had a peep before and man, did she chow down!


Anonymous said...

Love the the idea, best of all is the family time together. Fawn

Mrs. S's 1-on-1 tutoring said...

had such a great first to ever make a peep house! Kate, you are so clever. Beej, you are so creative. Grace, you're so cute & comical. And Adon is so cool.

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