Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic

Most of you know how much I love to read and swap titles.

Shortly after I had Adon, I read Rachel Jankovic's "Loving the Little Years". It's funny. Really funny. And it's incredibly encouraging if you're in that season where small children are overwhelming you with "why", keeping you up at night, and sometimes, just sometimes (right?!), you don't even make it out of your pajamas all day. I think you'll be immensely encouraged and refreshed after reading this book. The chapters are short and it's only about 70 pages long. But don't underestimate this short book--it packs a lot of punch, which is why I'm giving one copy away.

Leave a comment, preferably with a laugh out loud funny moment you've shared with your kids and you'll be entered to win the book. The giveaway ends Sunday evening at midnight, and I'll choose a winner on Monday morning. Already past the season with small kids? I envy your sleep! But leave a comment anyway and you can pass the book onto a mama who is still smack dab in the middle of "the trenches" as the author calls it.


Missy said...

Kate, I just read our post about everyone being so sick! I am so sorry that had to be terrible, but praise the Lord the kids didn't get it! When you said leave a comment with a laugh out loud moment probably a million came to mind with Emory because he is at that stage where he has no filter, but tries to understand everything. Yesterday dad went to jump in the pool and Emory started screaming and crying "no, grandpa, no, don't jump in the pool! You will die!" It was the sweetest, cutest, and saddest thing ever, but also so funny because he was so serious. We have tried to teach him pool safety a lot the past few months, and somewhere along the way he thinks you will die if you go in the deep end. One day I said Kona's ducky died because it was at the bottom of the pool but I didn't think twice about it. I have to be so cautious of the things I say and how I say them because he really does listen and absorb. So in the end, dad showed him it was ok to jump in the pool as long as an adult is there, and then he was ok, but it was so funny.

Jaimie said...

I have heard of this book and also heard her speak on the radio, and have been wanting to read it! A funny moment with my kids happened this week; we were out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. My 6 year old said "This is a Mexico restaurant!" We replied, "Yes, it is Micah!" and he said, "It doesn't smell like Mexico!" :)

These Are The Days of Our Lives said...

I want to read it! I was just asking Rachel to keep a list of all of the books she recommends that you guys have read during your book club.
I'll admit that I've 'lost it' once or twice while trying to keep my girls under control. I guess it's easy to forget that my job is to TEACH them to behave. It's painfully obvious that behaving does not come naturally to any of us. One day, in an effort to clean the house before Nick got home, I asked Miss T to pick up her toys so I could vacuum the floor. Next time I checked on her, toys still covered the room. I asked her again to clean up, and I started vacuum the rest of the house. By the time I got to her room, it did not look like a single toy had been put away. In a fit of rage, I told her I was just going to vacuum up all of her toys, and I started to vacuum away. The toys are too big to get sucked up, of course, but one of her ponies hair did get caught in the roller and I had to turn off the vacuum to get it unstuck. My poor daughter fell apart. I had just vacuumed up her toy, and she was certain it was gone forever. For months after that, every time I turned on the vacuum, she would run crying to her room and start picking everything up off the floor as fast as she could. She was frantic to 'save' all of her toys from me. As much as I loved the fact that she became such a great little helper at cleaning time, it broke my heart to know I had put such a fear in her heart!!!

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